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STORY of 🌸Sakura🌸


Masa Takumi’s global music Album Sakura(Cherry Blossom) released.It’s used traditional instruments such as Koto,Erhu ,Shamisen,Bansuri and many percussion featuring Ron Korb, Nadeem Majdalany and Produced by Lonnie Park. The beauty of falling cherry blossom petals reminds us of the Buddhist teaching that even the prosperous inevitably decay. Each spring the presence of cherry blossoms gives us a moment of utmost elegance. With the fleeting nature of this beauty in mind, its blossoming essence is cherished. Through the creation of this album I have given cherry blossoms the ability to bloom not only in the spring but year round in each and every moment of our lives. 2nd song Katana is a weapon, but it is also a symbol of the authority of emperors and warriors, an object of worship, and a piece of arts and crafts. The katana is no longer used as a weapon, and is now considered as a piece of arts and crafts and a cultural asset. The katana has strength to cut through even a pistol bullet, but its sharp blade only glints quietly in the silence, giving a sense of its inner strength without hurting anything. The importance of the existence of the katana in the modern age is a piece of art expressing its strength, not through its military power, but through its existence. I expressed such mysterious power of the katana in this music. Each song title is named as Japanese on purpose to express Japanese inner beauty. I hope this “Sakura” will reach your hearts. 

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