Multi-Instrumental Artist 


MASA TAKUMI (a.k.a. Masanori Takumi , born 14 November 1978) is an award-winning Japanese musician, composer, songwriter, and producer. Most of his work has been done in Japan, but he has also won acclaim for his work internationally. Notably, he received Grammy nominations for his work with SLY & ROBBIE in 2014 and 2015.


Masa was born in Osaka, Japan. His journey as a musician began at age 8 playing the trumpet in his elementary school's brass band. Influenced by YOSHIKI from X JAPAN then He was 13 years And discovering his love for music, he began playing the drums and composing at the young age of 12. By the time he had graduated high school, he had also already learned the drums, guitar, bass, and piano on his own.


In 2000, Masa debuted under the major record label BMG JAPAN in the rock band "siren" as a drummer, songwriter, and sound producer. After disbanding in 2004, he switched to working full time as a composer and producer.


In Asia, he produced hits for many majors artists such as EXILE, DA PUMP, AAA, KARA, FT ISLAND, Park Yong Ha,ViViD,Alice Nine and DIR EN GREY among others. His top album sold over 2 million copies, and his work on AAA's album "Call" won the Excellence Album Award at The 53rd Japan Record Awards.


He has worked with several major US artists, including the renowned US rock artists, vocalist Eric Martin and drummer Terry Bozzio. Masa worked on Martin's 2012 album "MR.ROCK VOCALIST" as the producer, guitarist and drummer; and as the music director for Bozzio's Japan solo live performance "History of Terry Bozzio."

Masa has also done soundtrack work for Japanese animation titles such as "Claymore" and "Witchcraft."


In 2014, Masa received a nomination at the 56th Grammy Awards for the album "REGGAE CONNECTION," where he worked as a guitarist and keyboardist with the legendary reggae musicians and producers SLY & ROBBIE. He also received another Grammy nomination in 2015 working with them on the album "REGGAE POWER."


And now, under the name "MASA TAKUMI," he has begun his work as an true multi-instrumental artist, performing all the instruments on his albums.

本名 宅見将典(たくみまさのり、1978年11月14日)音楽への目覚めは8歳、小学校でのブラスバンド部のトランペットにはじまる。13歳の時に出会ったX JAPANのYOSHIKIの音楽に多大なる影響をうけ、以来バンドを組みながら作曲を担当する。独学でドラム、ギター、ベース、ピアノなど4リズムの楽器を全て演奏するようになる。


2000年3ピース編成のロックバンド"siren"でBMG JAPANよりメジャーデビュー。ドラマー、作編曲家サウンドプロデューサーとして活動。その後、アーティストプロデュースや映像音楽などを手掛ける。



EXILE, DA PUMP, AAA,KARA,FT ISLAND, パクヨンハ、私立恵比寿中学、XOX,、渡辺麻友、ノースリーブス、DAIGO、 モーニング娘、 相川七瀬、小林太郎、近藤晃央、アンダーグラフ、ViViD,Alice Nine,DIR EN GREYなど。サウンドトラックではアニメ      "CLYMORE" "Witchblade"  "涼風"などでオーケストレーション作品を手掛ける。


海外アーティストにおいてはMR.BIGのボーカリスト、Eric Martinのソロアルバム"Mr.Rock Vocalist"のサウンドプロデュースやTerry Bozzioソロライブ "History of Terry Bozzio"in Japanの音楽監督を務める。


第53回日本レコード大賞にてAAAの”CALL”の作曲で優秀作品賞を受賞、また第56 回グラミー賞にてSly&Robbie and The Jam Masters のメンバーとしてアルバム"REGGAE CONNECTION"でギタリスト、キーボーディストとして参加、レゲエ部門でノミネート。

第57 回グラミー賞同部門でメンバーとして同部門でノミネート、


また2019年の第61回日本レコード大賞にてDA PUMPの " P.A.R.T.Y ユニバースフェスティバル"の作曲、編曲にて優秀作品賞を受賞する。


全ての楽器を演奏するインストルメンタルアーティスト "MASA TAKUMI"として2018年よりLAに移住し国内外で活動している。