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Credit of Sakura

Produced by Lonnie Park

All songs are written by Masa Takumi

Track listing 



3- Shizuku

4- Kaze

5- Yuzu Doll

6- Kotodama

7- Tamashii

8- Inochi 



Bansuri,Dizi,Bass Flute and Shakuhachi : Ron Korb (Except #2)

Ngoni & Percussions : Nadeem Majdalany ( All songs)

Percussions : Dale Edward Chung (#5)

Backing Vocal & Native American flute: Naoki Tate (All songs)

Guitar : Noshir Mody (#3)

Guitar : Matthew Shell (#4)

Koto: Miki Maruta (#1,2,3,4,5,6)

Piano, Bass,Shamisen and Erhu : Masa Takumi ( All songs) 

ABOUT Masa Takumi

Masa Takumi is a Grammy nominated multi-instrumental artist, composer, and producer. He started his career as a drummer, songwriter and sound producer under a major record label in a rock band.After disbanding he worked full time as a composer and producer for major J-pop artists and legendary major US artists.Now, under the name “MASA” he has begun his work as an true multi-instrumental artist, composing and performing all the instruments for his music.

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