Credit of HERITAGE 



Composed by Masa Takumi
Produced by Rubén Salas and Masa Takumi
Piano,Drums,Guitar,Bass and Shamisen by Masa Takumi
Koto: Miki Maruta (M1,2,6)
Programming: Brian “Deep” Watters (M8)
Published by E&M Planning corp.
Distributed by DOMO Records.

Mixed by Oscar Autie at El Cerrito Studios, San Francisco
Mastered by Ryoji Hata at Sound Essence Masters, New York
Recorded by Ryoji Hata at Samurai Hotel Recording in Astoria, New York
Koto recorded by Hideki Kodera at Burnish Stone Recording Studios in Tokyo,Japan


Directed & Editted by Tetsuo Inoue
Dancer : Eri Santo
Produced by Masa Takumi and Tetsuo Inoue
Place : Ikegami Honmonji temple in Tokyo, Japan

ABOUT Masa Takumi

Masa Takumi is a Grammy nominated multi-instrumental artist, composer, and producer. He started his career as a drummer, songwriter and sound producer under a major record label in a rock band.After disbanding he worked full time as a composer and producer for major J-pop artists and legendary major US artists.Now, under the name “MASA” he has begun his work as an true multi-instrumental artist, composing and performing all the instruments for his music.