I hope you're all doing well during this challenging time we're facing in 2020.  Though things may be difficult, I want to share my new, contemporary, instrumental album, HERITAGE, with you in hope that it will bring you a small moment of happiness.


HERITAGE is a very special album for me because I played all the instruments my father left for me after he passed when I was 18 years old. Before he passed, he also left me a poem about me moving to the United States to pursue my dreams. I only hope he's proud of me as he looks down from heaven. Not only was this a passion project for me, but it was also my family's wish that this album would become a family legacy for my father and reach many people's hearts. 


As I aimed to express my Japanese heritage and experiences from living in the United States, you'll experience the sounds of a very beautiful and unique blend of traditional Japanese instruments with modern rhythmic sound that I both produced and composed.


I hope this album will bring you a moment of peace, respite, and insight into my life and love of music, my culture, and my experiences from around the world.


Thank you and enjoy HERITAGE!